Is there a way to make my tiny back teeth bigger?

firstly my front teeth are bigger and I have a bit of a over bite and then all my back teeth are tiny! like kids teeth. I was thinking if I move my lower jaw forward so I don't have a over bite and then if I do that my back teeth wont be touching so maybe feel them in with something so they touch and are bigger? sorry if I am not making sense but I don't know how to explain it better then that :/ is this a silly idea. I don't know what else I can do because it makes my mouth look so small.

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Pictures would help

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Sometimes back teeth didn't erupt all the way and braces can pull the teeth down, resulting in normal looking teeth and fixing the overbite. Sometimes the back teeth are worn down and need to be built back up. This means you need to see an experienced cosmetic dentist or Prosthodontist for evaluation. This can be very complicated and not all dentists can help. 

Can I make tiny teeth bigger?

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Porcelain restorations can easily make teeth bigger in different ways.  Once a proper physiological correct bite has been established, your new porcelain restorations can be made into that perfect bite!  


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It is very difficult to try to understand what you are interested in doing without a photo of your teeth.  I would suggest you contact a good dentist in your area and have an evaluation done.  They can give you your options.  I'm afraid we would be guessing and you deserve a better answer than that.  Good luck!

Thomas Roberts, DDS
Seattle Dentist

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