Tight Eyes After Canthopexy

I had dissolvable stiches next to eyes to get an upward shape. Day 16, and they are still there, and my eyes are very tight. Is this normal? I am concerned, as I had surgery done outside the country.

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16 days is way early.

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Dear Dke46

16 days after surgery is very very early after surgery. It would be very normal to have a sensation of tightness after the type of surgery you had. However this does not mean that very thing is right with your surgery. I am concerned that if you had surgery outside the country, you have no one here to follow you. Also, having a procedure to give the eyes an upward shape is often a set up for a lot of post-operative canthal angle issues. Much of this is related to a phenomena called stretch back. The tissues try to return to the pre operative location especially when there is tension on the tissues as the is in the lower eyelid. A dissolvable stitch makes this even more likely when the stitch ultimately breaks down. I would recommend that if you feel you are having an issue, you get yourself seen by an eye plastic surgeon in your area. The American Soceity for Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery maintains a web based listing of members by location for the public at ASOPRS.org. You will have the expense of the consult and any necessary treatment but presumably you saved a lot of money having surgery out of the country. Don't deny yourself appropriate care.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Tight eye for a couple of months is normal

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Canthopexy operation is done for tightening of the lower lids, and it is normal to expect a tightening feel for the first couple of months after the surgery until full healing has taken effect. The sutures can certainly be removed by day 16 so as not to leave any railroad track scarring.

Canthopexy results usually improve with time

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At day 16, it is way too early to determine a final result. A canthopexy usually relaxes some on its own in 4-6 weeks, and if you massage the area, that can help relax it as well. That should allow the eyes to settle to more natural appearance. Be sure to visit a local plastic surgeon as soon as possible to make sure everything is OK and no complications are developing.

Dr. Miller

Clinical exam for tight eyes following canthopexy

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The lower lid structures are very sensitive and take a lot longer to recover and for the swelling to go down.

I would recommend to see a plastic surgeon in your area to verify this issue and conduct a clinical exam.

Many surgeons would be happy to see you.

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You should call plastic surgeons in your community - most of us would agree to see you.  There will probably be a fee, but if it means catching a possible complication early, it is well worth it.  It is hard to tell whether you are experiencing a normal post-perative course without an examination. 

This is the wrong forum for your question

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You need to see a plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon. Any answer without examination of your eyes should be taken with a grain of salt. The problem with dissolvable stitches is that they dissolve slower than the stitches need to stay in eyelids. You should have them removed as they might cause unnecessary stitch marks.Most surgeons who use non-dissolvable stitches will remove them as soon as 1-5 days post-op. As mentioned by others, your question emphasizes the reason why going out of the country for cosmetic surgery is not recommended.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Tight eyes after canthopexy and blepharolasty can take 6 weeks to relax

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It is normal to have tight eyes after canthopexy - that was the goal, to tighten the lower eyelid support.

It takes 6-8 weeks for the eyelids to relax to a more normal appearance.

If the lower eyelid appears to high and pulled to far upward, gentle massage of the lower eyelid can help relax the tissues.

Here is why you should have surgery locally.

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You need to be seen by your own surgeon. I see people all the time who go out of the country to get cheaper cosmetic surgery. They get what they pay for. No follow up and if they have a problem they are on their own.

When you go abroad - buyer beware. Surgeons have no malpractice insurance and they know that the worst time to deal with a patient is after surgery when they have healing problems and they are no longer around - you are back home.

You get what you pay for.

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