Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Smaller?

I don't like my eyes because I think they are too big. They remind me of bug eyes. Is there a surgery to change the whole shape of my eyes and make them smaller or squinty? I like eyes like Meagan fox

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Making eyes smaller

The protruding eyes can be a sign of underlying condition like thyroid problems. You should see your doctor to make sure you don't have any such health problem.

Having said that, the bulging or protruding eyes can be made less protruding by opening up the walls of the eye socket. The best person to help you with that would be an Oculoplastic Surgeon. You should however weigh the risks and benefits of such a major surgery for cosmetic reasons alone.


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Making eyes appear smaller

Yes this can be done and it is often done for medical conditions such as Graves' disease. Be careful though, if it is overcorrected even a little bit you may end up looking sleepy and tired.

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"reducing" big eyes

Eyes can appear big either because the eyes are bulgy (proptosis) or the eyelids are retracted.  Depending on the problem, solutions may be available.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Is there a surgery to make eyes look smaller?

There are cosmetic surgical procedures which can make the eyelid opening more narrow and eye appear smaller.  However, if ones eyes appear prominent, or bug-eyed, this may be due to a medical condition such as hyperthyroidism or Graves' disease.  Before any surgery you should be evaluated by your doctor and make certain that this is not a medical problem.  Best wishes.

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Medicine first, beauty second



I agree with other posters. It's very important to make sure tht you do not have an underlying medical condition


OOnce your health is certain I would guess that you could get a very soft and natural result with fillers. I usually use a combination of the patients own fat and some commercial fillers like juvederm


Nothing replaces an in-person exam so take the extra step of seeing a qualified provider


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Bug eyes and eye surgery

Some patient especially those with thyroid disease do not have enough orbital volume to maintain proper aesthetics for their enlarged structures and sometimes can undergo controlled orbital expansion techniques. It is best to see a craniofacial surgeon for this.

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