Should I extract teeth while wearing Braces?

I went to the ortho, he said that I would have to extract 4 premolar teeth ( 2 top and 2 bottom ). He also said that when I remove the braces later, I would have small gaps between the extracted space of about 3-4mm. So now, he put the expander and going to put the braces on next week. I would have to extract the teeth when wearing braces if the situation needs it to be. What should I do? Should I extract, and would 3 -4 mm gaps be very visible? I don't want any gaps. Thank you for your help.

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Should I extract teeth while wearing Braces?

BEFORE extracting any teeth, or putting any braces on your teeth ask your orthodontist what the effects of extracting teeth will have on facial aesthetics, airway health and TMJ health. If he/she does not have very concise answers that make sense DO NOT extract any teeth and do NOT have braces put on your teeth. Having 3-4 mm of space left over after treatment is NOT acceptable and WILL be noticeable. 

Before you ever extract any teeth, find a doctor who can talk knowledgeably about orthodontics and how it affects facial aesthetics, airway health and TMJ health. If you ever hear someone say there is no relationship or no affect...RUN from that office.

Extracting bicuspids before wearing braces is seldom the best way to treat dental crowding. If you are going to end up with excess spaces after braces when bicuspids are extracted then it is DEFINITELY NOT the best way to treat your crooked teeth. I can promise you will not be happy with the outcome of bicuspid extraction orthodontics if you have mild-moderate crowding (which you obviously do if extra space will be left over after orthodontics is finished). 

Good luck! 

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