Is There Any Way to Make Eyes Bigger?

I have small deep set eyes with small pupils/irises disproportionate to the rest of my face. Is there any way to make eyes look bigger, such as bringing the eye ball further forward or a procedure to stretch/ widen the irises? Thankyou so much for your time and patience.

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Wanting "bigger eyes"

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Depending on a person's age and inherited eye characteristics, sometimes eyes have a small appearance. If time and the aging process accentuate the "smallness" factor, then surgery sometimes can help "open up" the orbit and eyelid area. For example, when brows descend, combined with extra skin over the eyelids, the eyes appear "crowded" and brow elevation and/or upper eyelid blepharoplasty can help open this area. This can help the eyes appear bigger. Also, sometimes the lateral (outer) skin of the temple can descend, giving the eyes a hooded or even sad appearance. Elevating this with surgery can help "open the eyes". It is more difficult to achieve these improvements in a younger person with hereditary tendencies for small or deep set eyes. After evaluation by a qualified surgeon, options will be more clear!

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Making the eyes bigger?

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  There are not any ways to make the eyes bigger.  There are means to make the eyes appear bigger.  Whether or not you are a candidate is impossible to say without photos.  Try resubmitting your question with photos of yourself.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Small eyes

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Its difficult to give you a good answer without pictures or examination. With deep set or hollow appearing eyes, fat transfer or soft tissue fillers can improve the volume of the eyes and rejuvenate their appearance. If there is moderate dermatochalasis or skin redundancy from the upper or lower eyelids, blepharaplasty can improve the appearance of small eyes. Sometimes, Botox to the orbicularis Occuli muscle around the eyes can relax contracted muscle and improve the look of the eyes. I am not aware of any procedures to move the position of the orbit forward. There is also no procedure the widen the iris; howevere, there are medications that widen the pupil but I would not recommend them for cosmetic purposes.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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