The term "baby botox" gets tossed around, I am wondering how many units that would be?

early 30s, no real lines unless concentrating (reading/computer/etc) . After years of tanning in my teens and some mild acne on my forehead, will botox help smooth out and prevent the frown wrinkle from creating make up lines? I still want to have movement in my forehead. I mentioned this to a dermatologist and he said 30 units is what he injects for botox. I thought that seemed rather high, especially after he said I really don't have any lines and only a frown line when I am frowning.

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Starter doses for Botox

For patients with minimal wrinkles or who are looking for preventative treatment from Botox, I use smaller doses. For the area in between the brows (glabellar frown lines), I use 15-20 units. For the forehead, I use 8-10.  When wrinkles begin to develop in the mid-late 30's, the doses can be increased.

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Baby Botox

This marketing term means just using enough Botox to get a good cosmetic result without fully paralyzing all upper facial movement.  Fewer units may mean it wears off more quickly--a reasonable trade-off.  Your Botox treatment should be customized to you and your skin, muscles, and desired results.  Don't go to anyone who "always" uses the same number of units for everyone. 

Carmen Kavali, MD
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What is "baby Botox"

"Baby Botox" is a marketing term created to make it seem less scary and make people understand they didn't need to look "frozen" if they had a Botox treatment. The glabella muscle is an area in most people is relatively strong - and this, along with the frontalis muscle - is what creates the 11 lines. Most people need about 20 units in this region to inhibit those muscle movements. So 25+ units for that region and a bit across your forehead would be relatively common. But each patient is unique and so injection points and amounts will need to be customized.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

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Baby Botox

Your question is an excellent one.  When I inject "baby botox" it is more of an art than a science.  I generally reduce the number of units placed and distribute it in a "softer" way so as not to "freeze" the wrinkles altogether.  If you would like to post a photo I can more reasonably tell you the amount of units you may need. For the best results please find a board certified dermatologist with experience in cosmetics and Botox.

Michele S. Green, MD
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"baby botox" dosing

Thank you for your question.  Rather than discuss specific number of units for Botox, a discussion regarding your desired look or outcome is more appropriate.  For a more natural look, smaller doses of Botox are used.  For a more "frozen" look, we use more product. Individual results can vary as different people will require different amounts to achieve the same result.  Unfortunately, the number one reason why Botox "doesn't work" is because not enough was used.  It is a fine line to find that spot, but one that your physician can help you achieve.  

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What is Baby Botox?

This is a term some people use to describe using just a small enough amount to get a natural appearance with treatment.  We used to call it celebrity doses, meaning... you don't want people to know you had it done, but you do want less lines and wrinkles.  There shouldnt be an average amount anyone uses.  It all depends on the area treated, what the gender of the patient is (men typically need more units because of increased muscle size), if the person is very expressive naturally or exercises frequently (these people then to need higher doses for the results to last longer), and if the person wants the area to be "frozen" or not move at all.  Typically, its best to start with loser does and wait a few weeks then retreat/touch-up if needed.  If you do too much, the only option is to wait 3-4 months till it has worn off to start over again.  Do not see anyone who gives you average amounts or does the same thing for everyone.  Treatments should be individualized and based on your ultimate goals.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Botox dosing specific for each patient


Although there are some general guidelines for average dosing in specific areas of the face, in reality, dosing for Botox should be individualized to each patient. I am not familiar with the term "baby botox" but I would say that for a first time Botox patient, I tend to go on the more conservative side of dosing and adjust future dosing as needed with the ultimate goal of obtaining a natural result that still allows for facial expressivity.

Sachin S. Pawar, MD
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Botox should be customized

The average dose of Botox I use is about 20-36 units per area treated.  Don't get caught up in how someone advertises with gimicky names like baby Botox or Botox light.  If you talk with your doctor about your expectations and goals, they should be able to give you the right amount of Botox.  I will often start on the lower side with my patients and some people do come back for additional units after they see the initial results.

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Botox needs to be CUSTOMIZED

The term "baby Botox" was coined due to the overly "frozen" appearance many actresses had from too much Botox. "Baby Botox" means to use smaller amounts so facial expressions are still present yet the wrinkles are improved.

The total amount of Botox needed to treat an area can vary widely from just two units all the up to thirty units.

We always highly customize our Botox treatments, so I can't say what you would personally require.

Andrew Campbell, MD
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How many units for "baby Botox"?

I am not familiar with the term "baby Botox".  The amount of Botox used can vary with each patient and the areas that are being treated.  I would say a fairly normal dose to treat the horizontal lines on the forehead would be around 20-25 units.  If the frown lines between the brows are also being treated, this may also require another 20-25 units.  You mentioned the possibility of 30 units being used for your forehead, and this would be a little above average for only the forehead but if the frown area was treated as well, then 30 units would be a little below average for both areas.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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