Can digestive enzymes taken on an empty stomach metabolize botox?

Occasionally , I take proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach with the thought that they enter the blood stream and work systemically to improve health. I'm worried that this could inadvertently metabolize the botox I get and decrease its longevity... Should I be concerned?

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Botox Metabolism

I have heard of no data to support that Botox will be metabolized by digestive enzymes. Botox generally lasts 4 to 6 months and not determined by oral foods or digestive enzymes.

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Botox core neurotoxin and accessory proteins

Interesting fact about Botox.  In nature it exists as a 900 kDa protein, but only the core neurotoxin, weighing 150 kDa is active.  The rest of the weight is accessory proteins, which protect the core neurotoxin from being inactivated by such things as stomach acids and proteolytic enzymes.  This is because in nature, Botulism is caused by ingesting this protein, so it needs to survive the harsh environment in the stomach.  

That sidenote aside, the proteolytic enzymes will have no effect on the Botox treatments.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Digestive enzymes and Botox

I have not heard or read that digestive enzymes would have any effect on Botox. However, you should take your enzymes the way the bottle says - some things are actually absorbed better with food. So read the bottle and take it the way the makers suggest. But you are fine to take these and get Botox.

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