How to treat painful fat necrosis on hip.

I had the Brazilian but lift surgery about 10 month ago. I developed a fat necrosis about a month afterwards. I got massages and it seemed to help but the pain has come back. It is located on the left side of my hip right near the hip bone. I got the procedure done in the Dominican republic but can't travel back anytime soon. What can I do to treat the fat necrosis.

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Fat necrosis after Brazilian Butt Lift

I am sorry to hear about your problem is a rare occurrence after a BBL. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options which may include excision of this area. This may unfortunately leave you with scarring that you did not anticipate. Ideally you should be seen by your original surgeon who would know better what may have caused your problem. This is the single biggest problem with traveling out of the country for your surgery - the cost is significantly cheaper, but you may be unable or unwilling to travel back there in the event of a complication or concern.

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Fat Necrosis

If the fat necrosis has not responded to conservative treatment, and causing painful lump, then the only option is

1: do nothing

2: surgical removal

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