What is the Procedure for the Best Results So That the Vermillion Border is Aligned and Minimize the Scar? (photo)

Which type of sutures will create less of a scar on the skin’s surface, subcuticular (dissolvable) sutures without tying a knot or using a nylon suture where it will be removed later? How long should the suture be? Can it be cut right above the mole or does the length of the cut have to be 2.5 times the size of the mole which will leave me a 21mm scar? Can anyone explain the procedure for the best results so that the vermillion border is aligned?

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Excision of mole on lip

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If the mole is raised, it's possible that it could be shaved off and would not require any sutures.  If the mole is flat, then it would need to be surgical excised.  If that were the case with your mole, I would excise it vertically and the incision would need to be longer than the mole in order to obtain a linear closure.  There are different types of sutures that could be used, but I would not use a dissolvable suture in the lip area because the lip area is moist and tends to dissolve sooner than needed.  I would use very small nylon sutures that would need to be removed in 5-7 days.  Aligning the vermilion border is a matter of experience.  

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