Redness Not Fading from Mole Removal Scar?

I'm of Chinese ethnicity and fair-skin. 3 weeks ago, I removed two flat facial brown moles via laser (burning the mole). For a few days, I applied ointment the doc gave me, and maybe because I reapplied frequently daily, I never had scabbing or crusting. Wounds are flat but very red. The doc then gave me medical silicon (it's like a clear liquid) to dab on the wound. I did that for a few days, but stopped because it is not helping. How do I reduce the redness? When will it fade to skin color?

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Mole removal

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A mole should not be lasered without knowing exactly its pathology.  A biopsy should always be done prior to any laser procedure.  The redness should improve with time, however if you have any concerns about its healing, then I recommend that you see your physician. 

Laser mole removal

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I feel that it is never appropriate to use a laser as your primary treatment for removing a mole. Regardless of how "benign" a mole may appear, a biopsy may still reveal it to be atypical. There are many ways to surgically remove a mole with a minimal scar and have tissue to send for microscopic examination which is the only way to ensure that it was benign. Using a laser to improve the appearance of a mole will alter its look and make it more difficult to observe for precancerous changes in the future.

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