Laser & Bell's Palsy?

I am 34 year old and i have few signs of aging in my skin especially around eyes , i want to use CO2 or Erbium Laser for preventing aging of my skin and also to rejuvenation of collagen, is it appropriate for my age? also i had bell's palsy history around 15 years ago, is laser risky for me? also i am from middle east and my skin color is different from American , its not light not dark

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Resurfacing Laser at 34

Thank you for your question. Your Bell's palsy does not change my advice:

  • CO2 and Erbium lasers will not prevent skin aging. They thin your skin.
  • Avoiding the sun prevents skin aging. No tanning, no tanning beds, Use zinc oxide/titanium dioxide sun blocks when in the sun. 
  • Topical skin creams come next, e.g Obagi, Neocutis. Their mix of tretinoin, glycolics, lighteners (e.g. hydroquinone) correct changes.
  • Peels (light glycolics, medium TCA, non-ablative lasers, (Fraxel, ND Yag) help also.
  • A test peel or laser is important for any skin with color. Hope this helps!

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Laser and Bell's Palsy

A history of Bell's palsy will not have any impact on the risk or result associated with laser resurfacing.  At age 34, most patients are looking at maintenance procedures than aggressive resurfacing.  However, having a darker skin type may place you at higher risk for pigmentary anomalies.  If there is ever a question about a patient's skin type with regard to cutaneous laser use, it is always better to test out an inconspicuous area first.  I will typically patch test the are behind the ear and observe the response over several weeks.

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