Does the Invisalign Clincheck Video Cost Extra or Does It Come with Treatment?

Where the people said their Clincheck wasn't shown to them when they first received their Invisalign, but that the dentist said they would show it to them at the next visit. Is this simply a time thing, or is there another reason, such as additional cost associated with the Clincheck video? 

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Clinchecks are part of the process of planning the treatment. It is what makes Invisalign Invisalign. I find most doctors do not offer their patients a preview of their clincheck. Whereas, I prefer all my patients to see it so we ask EVERYONE. Other doctors may  only share clinchecks if patients ask.

Personally, I feel reviewing the Clincheck together with the patient before approving it (for the trays to be made) is a huge advantage to both doctor and patient. Yes it slows down getting your trays in your hands but I feel this extra step is well worth it.

The Clincheck can be viewed prior to tray fabrication or anytime during or even after treatment. Often we will pull it up on our chair side computers to see at our patients regular appointments.

It is also easily emailable. Our office also has an office website that patient have direct access whenever they like to view it in a movie version.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

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The Invisalign aligners are fabricated from your "Clincheck".  And yes, the Clincheck does come with your aligners and you don't have to pay extra for them.  In fact, in our can view your Clincheck in the convenience of your own home.  That's right, when we manufacture the Invisalign aligners, you can log onto your patient account on our website and view the movements yourself.  Each aligner is numbers so you can see where your teeth should be moving with each aligner!

Ron D. Wilson, DMD
Gainesville Orthodontist

ClinCheck is part of Invisalign

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Things may very well change, but as a right now a Clincheck does not incur a separate fee from Invisalign.  However, there is Doctor/Office time involved in obtaining the impressions, x-rays, study models, treatment goals and paper (actually computer) work.  So in general, only "committed" interested patients move on to a Clincheck.  The decision to show and when to show the clincheck varies greatly from Doctor to Doctor.  This seems to me to be a very individual decision, based on the style of the Dentist.  I offer the clincheck and encourage patients to participate in the decisions/goals, but do not insist if a patient declines to view it prior to treatment.  Many of my colleagues do not.  I see this as a personality difference, those Dentists seem much more paternalistic too me.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist


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What you're referring to is what is called the Clincheck. It comes with the treatment.  It is an integral part to make sure that Dr Patient and invisalign are all on the same page with treatment  objectives and process. It also gives a chance for alterations and modificatioans.  It allows you to see the computer projected goal

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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