Could Yesterdays New Set of Invisalign Aligners Have Caused the New Cracks in my Teeth?

I just received my third set of Invisalign aligners yesterday and they were the most painfun yet. I told the assistant that i even felt pain in my nose, ratherally it was the vedy bottom of my nose and in my bone above my front teeth. I told the doc that it waz exceptionally painful as well. Through the night my pain subsided. But today i have. Cracks in my top two and bottom two front teeth! I've been waiting to hear from on-call and i want to cry. Its a holiday, do i still wear the liners?

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Cracks caused by invisalign

I have never seen an invisalign tray crack a tooth.  You are probably looking at your teeth a little more since you have started the process.  They are called craze lines.  I would not worry about it

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Cracked teeth

It is very unlikely that the invisalign retainers caused any cracks in the teeth.  It is more likely that there were already craze lines that you are now paying attention to because of the pain in your teeth.

Cracks caused by invisalign

Absolutely not.  What you are seeing are called craze lines.  You probably never noticed them before or looked at your teeth so closely.  They are a typical occurance in adults as we age.  They are normal and are nothing to worry about.  The do no need to be bonded or veneered.  It's like wrinkles in the skin.  Maybe one day we'll have botox for the teeth too.  In the mean time don't worry about it.

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Invisalign aligners are very safe

It is highly unlikely that the cracks in your teeth are from the Invisalign aligners, and it is likely coincidental.  The cracks are likely to have been there unnoticed, but now that you are really looking you are able to see them now.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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