Can Invisalign work well for me? Two different orthodontists- two different opinion

I am having a tough time deciding whether or not to get Invisalign or braces.  I wore braces in high school but did not wear the retainer (lesson learned!).  I have visited two Premier providers.   My evaluation is below-not sure what it all means, but I hope it is not as bad as sounds; Class I Right Side, Class II Left Side, Upper and Lower Arch Crowding, Extruded Tooth #8, Posterior Crossbite Tooth #14 (might be causing some minor jaw problems), Deep Bite, Midline discrepancy, Clicking/popping of right TMJ I would really rather not have braces at this point in my life (almost 30, working professional).  But I also don't want to spent loads of money and not be satisfied.   Ky Center for Orthodontics tells me Invisalign can fix all my issues and it may take up to 24 months.  The orthodontist mentioned that I have strong jaw muscles and tend to clench.  And somehow this will make my teeth move more slowly.   WG&M  tells me that I will need 12 months Invisalign Treatment and it may not fully correct Class II, midline shift, or deep bite).  WG&M seems to be especially concerned that invisalign might not completely fix the cross bite which could lead to further jaw joint issues.  All issues could be corrected with 12-18 months of conventional braces.   Can somehow please help me understand if Invisalign is a good option for me?  

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Go to a thrid for another opinion

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If you went to a third ortho you'd likely get another opinion.

Personally I feel comfortable using Invisalign as part or all of treatment for any patient. They key deciding factor for you will be how disciplined are you.

If you are very successful at implementing new routine into your life and sticking to it till you accomplish your goal Invisalign can get you as good as result as traditional braces.

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Invisalign vs braces

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After looking at your case description and the history of popping and clicking, I would be inclined to have the conventional braces.  I treat a large number of TMJ patients and they frequently have a midline shift or cross bite.  This contributes to the arch form being off or canted to one side.  We try to get patients to consider brackets and wires with TMJ issues.  On the flip side, I do treat patients with TMJ issues with Invisalign.  We use EMG studies of the muscles to determine the most comfortable position for your jaw.  This is called a K7.  After doing the studies, we place our TMJ patients in an orthotic to determine a comfortable jaw position.  The teeth are then moved into that comfortable bite using brackets or Invisalign.

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