The Healing Process is Very Slow After Alarplasty? (photo)

i have undergone for alarplasty 1 month ago last july 21 2012 and after 9 days i applied make-up but b4 applying make-up i used dermatix ultra anti scar which was being advised by my surgeon but i was amazed after 1 month the swollen is still there i admit aside from make-up i smoke moderately and i went to swimming in spring (not salty water) and exposed to sunlight after 4 weeks with out any sunblock.. so could this affet the healing process?? and could alter the position of the nosejob??

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Healing after alar pasty

You will need several months to see the final results.  Smoking can contribute to poor scarring.  Sunblock would be very important with your skin type for up to a year.  Protect your investment!

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Swelling after Rhinoplasty

Though most of the swelling is gone in six months - It takes up to one year for all the swelling to disappear.

There will be some numbness in the area of the surgery and usually, that is also due to the swelling. The numbness usually goes away along with the swelling. 

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Swelling After Alarplasty Not Unusual Up To 6 Months Or More

Be patient and follow your doctor's instructions.  From your pictures and your comments, my sense is you haven't destroyed the good work your surgeon has done, but I can tell from your note that you understand that many of the things you did can slow the healing process, smoking being the worse.  I won't lecture to you because you already know.  Stay out of the water, stay out of the sunlight, and don't smoke. 

From what I can tell from your picture, it appears that your surgeon did an excellent job.  Allow the healing process to progress under optimal conditions.




Going into the sun without sunblock can make your scar more visible. Smoking does slow your healing process, we would not recommend. Swelling takes 6- 9 months for it to completely subside.


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