Does This Scar from an Alar Base Reduction Look Like Its Healing Correctly? (photo)

4 days ago,I had a rhinoplasty & alar base reduction. When viewing the scars on my alar base reduction, one scar is healing well and the other has a pimple and is clearly noticeable.Can we do anything to fix this now? Additionally, do my nostrils still look large? IF so, is this an easy fix? How much more can a doctor take the nostrils down. My understanding is when doing an alar base reduction, you see the results immediately after being done.

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Alar Base Scar

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So far, so good.  But I'm sure that you are keeping close contact with your surgeon over the ensuing weeks as you heal.

Scars Resulting From Alar Base Reduction

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At 4 days post-op, it is way too early to assess the results of your surgery.

As for the scars resulting from your alar base reduction, I recommend that you follow your surgeon's instruction religiously as you keep hi/her in the loop of your recovery process.

If you are worried from a scar infection, what is shown in the picture is not alarming.

Furthermore, your think and oily nasal skin will slow your recovery pace a little so it is normal if you require a little more time then the average rhinoplasty patient to achieve full recovery.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for sharing your photos and congrats.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian.

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