What is the Equivalent of the Effect of 2 Vials of Sculptra in Hyaluronic Acid Filler? 2cc, 4cc or More?

Also, can this amount of filler be mainly injected into the lateral/side of the face to create an effective liquid face lift? Or would 2 vials of Sculptra be better for this?

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What is the Equivalent of the Effect of 2 Vials of Sculptra in Hyaluronic Acid Filler? 2cc, 4cc or More?

Sculptra is deemed the "Liquid FaceLift" it is a great facial volumizer.  It re-stimulates collagen instead of just filling with Hyaluronic filler, which is great too if you want instant results.  Sculptra takes about 30 days to see results but does last about two years  vs. Hyaluronic fillers approximately 8 months to a year depending where you inject it.  Most patients start with two vials.  One on each side and you can build from there.

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By definition the indications of Sculptra and hyaluronic acid fillers are quite different. Since fillers such as Sculptra requires your body collagen response to have a full benefit, there is variability from one individual to another. In addition it is impractical to consider the volume equivalent of hyaluronic acid filler since you cannot get the same type of result with hyaluronic acid that you would with Sculptra. In my practice I generally use Sculptra to restore volume in wide areas where even volume replacement is necessary such as the cheeks and the temples. Hyaluronic acid fillers are best applied to areas such as the tear trough, the under eye area, the nasal labial falls lips, etc.

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For more facial volume


Sculptra is used as a general deep volumizer that is placed within the cheeks and temples primarily.  Depending on how thin your face is, it can take multiple sessions of Sculptra to acheive the desired effect.  In general, if the vial is diluted with about 10cc of water/lidocaine, the results afterwards would happen after 3 treatement sessions because most of it goes away.

I would encourage you to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to go over your options.  If you need under eye rejuvenation, then the HA fillers are better.  If you need quite a bit of volume, then fat transfer is amazing with permanent results that look and feel natural.  On top of that, we can harvest enough fat that we wouldn't run out.


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Sculptra and hyaluronic acid equivalent

This is a very hard question. one cc of hyaluronic acid should give you that much augmentation more or less. With sculptra, you are not getting the one to one and this is also dependent on how much you dilute the sculptra. The sculptra actually incites collage formation and this is highly variable.

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Sculptra and Hyaluronic Acid

There is no equivalence.

  • Sculptra is not a filler. It is supposed to stimulate collagen growth 6 months after injection. Although some doctors and patients like this product, I have seen too many patients with no results or with unusual complications to recommend this injection.
  • For the side of the face, I generally recommend 1-2 syringes of hyaluronic acid or Radiesse, a calcium based filler. Which is better depends on your skin, what you want corrected and how much is needed.

Hope this helps!

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Comparing Sculptra and HA fillers

There is no equivalent.  The amount of aumentation one gets from Sculptra is highly subjective, as Sculptra acts as collagen stimulant and it is almost impossible to predict how much stimulation will there be.  Here is my advise: if you are interested in faster result, then go with HA fillers.  If you want to augment a large area(so called panfacial augmentation) and can allow several months lead time, then go with Sculptra.

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It is very difficult to equate one filler with another if they are in different categories.  For instance, Juvederm and Restylane are both HA products, so one 1 cc syringe of Juvederm or Restylane is pretty much equivalent in terms of volume and also effect.  Radiesse is in a different category and is generally injected deeper (above the bone), so slightly a little more product is required to achieve the same effect.  Radiesse comes in 1.5 cc syringes instead of 1 cc.  Sculptra is another category and is generally injected as 8cc or 10cc per vial.  One or two vials of Sculptra are injected per treatment.  Sculptra is great for generalized voluming enhancing of the face, but not specific pin-point treatments like the other fillers are good for.  Sculptra also requires two to three treatments separated by 4 to 6 weeks to achieve a full effect.  However, once the effect is reached, the results can last 2 years or more.


Good Luck 

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