The Corners of my Eyes Feel Pulled and Tight Six Months After Bletharoplasty- Normal?

I had an upper and lower bletharoplasty in April and the inner and outer corners feel very pulled and tight. What causes this? I know the doctor took too much upper eyelid skin. I have to put tape on the outer corners to pull them down and that helps a little.

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The Corners of my Eyes Feel Pulled and Tight Six Months After Bletharoplasty- Normal?

No, this isn't typical or normal 6 months after an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty.  You might want to see a couple of specialists if this continues.  If it's just a tight sensation but otherwise everything aesthetically looks good, IMHO, I'd wait a full year to see if the sensation decreases before seeking additional surgery to the area.  As always, you can ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery.

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Eyelid surgery and tightness

Tightness from eyelid surgery can happen from removing too much skin or even an aggressive canthopexy or canthoplasty. Without an evaluation it is difficult to say.  You probably need to see a specialist in this type of procedure.

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These situations are very complex.

Fixing this situation requires the help of a true eyelid specialist who focuses on repairing these situations.  In Florida you might consider seeing William Mack, M.D. or Michael Patipa, M.D.  Start there to minimize out of state travel.  Try to avoid surgeons who want to put skin grafts into your eyelids.

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Tight eye corners after surgery

the most common cause for that is a very tight tension in a lateral fashion caused by the amount of skin removed and also potentially by anything done to the canthus of the eyelid. With time and massage it can get better, but it can take up to one year. If too much skin was removed and is the cause, then a small skin graft might be needed. If a canthopexy was done and over-tightened, then releasing it by cutting the internal sutures might help.

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