When should I see results with picosure for my acne scar?

Got picosure to improve a huge atrophic scar post a very horrible cystic acne. Done with 3 tx, each session is treats my entire face but basically concentrating on this only scar. Saw a little improvment 2 weeks post 2 tx. Im done with 3rd tx now, my sessions are spaced 2-3 weeks apart. When should i start seeing a marked improvment? Does collagen and elastin production takes so long? Ive read you can see significant improvment 1-3 months post last tx even if uv just finished 3 tx...

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PicoSure rsults for acne scarring

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Thanks for your question. Results can vary but may take a couple of months for the collagen and elastin to reproduce. Seeing improvement in 2 weeks is a great sign. Normally, as time passes, you may see more improvement , and optimal results are reached within a couple of months. Best, Dr. Katz

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Picosure results

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Firstly, in my personal experience Picosure was not the best option for atrophic scar. If it is working for you, then you should start seeing firs t results after few weeks. It all depends how your skin reacts to the laser. To see end results you will have to wait a little bit longer, maybe even a few months. Good luck! 

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