Is it OK to have fractional CO2 after PicoSure Focus?

I had 3 picosure focus spaced 2-3weeks apart for atrophic scarring. It was for the whole face, very shallow pitted scars and 1 huge pitted scar which was given many passes. Now, i am looking for a more affordable tx but my doctor has limited lasers. Went to anoder derm and she is going to give me a fractional co2, 4 weeks after my last pico tx. Will 1 fractional co2 yeild results soon since i already had 3 pico tx already? How soon will i notice results?

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Is it OK to have fractional CO2 after PicoSure Focus?

Thanks for your query. Yes, you can undergo fractional co2 laser after picosure treatment as it hastens the process. The no. of treatment required varies and that can be known only after examination of the skin. You can send in your picture for better consult. As you have undergone 3 pico tx in the past you will get a visible result with 1 fraxel. You can space out the treatment and let the skin heal for proper evaluation of the n. of treatment. Hope it helps.

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CO2 laser after Pico

It is indeed safe to undertake fractional CO2 laser following Pico, but I would save my money  for now and wait. I understand you had the Pico 4 weeks ago. You are still months from the final result. You are waiting for collagen layers to reorganize. That is a months long process. I would wait at least 9 months, if not a year. I understand you want to improve the scarring as soon as possible, but you really need to wait for complete healing first.

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