Black/African guy. How much grafts would it take to fill in my hairline? Would it be advisable to go for FUE at age 26? (Photos)

My Dad is 60 and is NW5 and my Granddad is NW6. I have never had a straight hairline and i am almost 30 so i do not mind having recession on the temples if it means i will not use all of my donor area up. 1) How muc​h grafts will it take to fill in my hairline(see pics) 2) Do you have any idea of my hair density? 5) Black people have less donor area so i guess i will progress towards NW5 because of my father.. So even if i left space for a bald patch will i have enough grafts for later in life?

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You cannot determine hair density on the Internet with a photo. It generally requires a microscopic exam.

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You cannot determine hair density on the Internet with a photo.  It generally requires a microscopic exam.  It is best to see a doctor for your prognosis and recommendation.

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Afro-textured hair FUE for hairline coverage

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I expect that with 1500 grafts, the hairline you have outlined can be achieved with FUE. Regular FUE results in unacceptable graft damage in most patients with Afro-textured hair. I have invented an FUE tool that works well in all Afro-textured hair FUE with minimal transection ad without the need for a test. using this technique your FUE hair transplant can be successfully accomplished

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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How many Grafts needed?

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Curly African Hair provides more coverage than straight hair. The pictures you provide are good but do not allow for a good estimate of grafts needed. You ask wise questions about preserving your donor hair. Donor density is something that can be assessed in person. FUE in curly hair causes far to much transection and not advisable for transplantation in most cases. See a full time hair restoration surgeon who is trustworthy and can help educate you and steer you toward a hair loss plan that will serve your long term needs.

Brian Goertz, MD
Seattle Hair Restoration Surgeon
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How many grafts to fill in hair line?

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bongo11111,It all depends on the plan and how much hair remains in the area. Rough estimate from the jpegs provided would be in the range of 1200-1500 depending on how thick you want the outcome. The density in African ancestry hair is usually less about 70 FU/cm2 but there are usually more hairs per follicle i3 3's. Hope this helps!
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

How many graft

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African hair type with what appears to be frontal loss and a concern that more balding will occur in time. The area outlined by the line you drew would take about 1200 grafts to fill it in nicely. That would leave you enough hair for more grafting in the future if you need it.

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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