How Many Areas Dose 50mg of Botox Do and How Many Units in 50mg? Thanks

Botox 50mg 0.25 how many areas. Will this do on my face how many units do I need to do my whole face. I'm age 50. Thankyou

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How Many Areas Dose 50mg of Botox Do and How Many Units in 50mg?

Botox is measured in units not in milligrams. Depending on how strong your muscle movement will determine how many units you would benefit from, 50 units would be enough to treat the forehead, around the eyes and glabella area

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50mg of Botox

Botox is measured in units not milligrams and most would agree that you need a minimum of 20 units per area to have it last for three months.  Twice as much will not last twice as long and have as much may last a 1/3 of that time.  So 50 units will comfortably do two areas and possibly three depending upon how much muscle activity you have

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Sometimes Less Is More-How much Botox You Need Depends On How Natural A Result you Want

Botox is measured in units, not milligrams. The key is the number of units they are using, not the volume of liquid they are using. The amount needed for the "whole face" depends on which areas are a concern and how strong and big the muscles are in each area. It could be anywhere from 20 units to 120 units. The key is not "freezing" your face, but getting a naturally softened look that still moves in a normal way. Most of the time, we could have used more, but by using a bit less were able to obtain a better overall look. Good luck.

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Botox and treatment

Botox is measure in units. But it really depends upon what areas bother you. 50 units say should cover the upper 1/3 of your face like your frontalis, corrugators, and crow's feet.

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Botox for Facial Rejuvenation

Botox is measured in units of potency. If you have some or the physician you have talked to is using it measured in mg, throw it away or find another physician. The amount you will need is determined by what you wish to accomplish. Therefore, the only way to know what you need to do this is to see an Expert Injector. Go to to find someone.

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50 units of Botox can do ?

We usually measure Botox in Units, not mg. 50 units of Botox is often enough to treat a forehead, glabellar and periorbital area but it depends on your muscle strength and your sensitivity to Botox. You and your doctor should decide how much to start you with. I tend to start on the low side as we can add some in two weeks but can't take any back. I like a more natural look with some motion and not a total freeze. 

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Botox treatment of face

Botox is measured by active "units". Typically a bottle has 100 units which is reconstituted for treatment. How many units to achieve the cosmetic goal is determined by your doctor at the time of consultation. It depends on the extent of wrinkles, muscle density and areas being treated. Typically for a forehead, glabella and crow's feet you can expect to need 50-70 units. If you are treated DAO and platysma for lifting of corner of mouth, the lower eye for a thick muscle band, the nose for bunny lines etc. you may need more than 100 units. This will all depend on your discussion with your doctor. You may also have a more conservative first treatment which often may require additional treatment 2-3 weeks later to achieve the goal without over injecting.

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Botox consideration

Botox is delivered in unit doses. It is packaged as a powder which must be reconstituted using an injectable liquid such as saline or sterile water. The amount of liquid used to reconstitute the Botox will determine the concentration or units per milliliter.  Keep in mind that it is the total units delivered that matters, so 5ml containing 25 units will have more of an effect than 5 ml containing 15 units.  Each area of the face requires different amounts of Botox. Some require as much as 25 unit and others require fewer. It is not possible to say how many units will treat the whole face without a consultation to determine someone's personal needs. 

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