How Long Will Touch Up Dose of Botox for Masseter Jaw Be Wore Off? I Dislike my Touch Right Result and I'm Very Depressed.

I've first received 20 units on each side of jaws in April 2013 and I liked the result so I went back to the doctor almost 3 weeks ago in Sept 2013. Hoping to keep the same result. The doctor injected 10 units of touch dose on my jaws and my cheek got sunk in in two weeks. I've noticed my face shape became unbalanced and I can feel my other face muscle had be pulled down. My face became so flat. Should I be considering fillers injection? How long with the touch dose be wore off?

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Masseter botox injections

I have done many masseter injections especially in Asians to shrink the muscle and made the angle of jaw area less wide. 10 Units is not enough to shrink the muscle. Go back to you surgeon who injected you and it can be corrected provided othe muscles are not affected.

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Face shape became unbalanced after onjection of Botox into masseter muscle.

Dear  Moormoocat,

For proper injection into the masseter, the patient has to clench the jaw in order for the injector to  feel the muscle and inject deeply enough. 10 units per muscle is a small dose.

There  is a musculo aponeurotic fascia ( a Muscle and Fibrous Tissue envelope overlying the Masseter). It  seems that some Botox got into this fascia.and possibly into another muscle  in front of the masseter., (Buccinator)which may explain the unbalanced or asymmetrical look on your face.lSome improvement may show up at 6-8 weeks, but total improvement may take  4-5 months.

Eugene Mandrea M D

There is no antidote 


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This is a good news...bad news story...

sorry to learn about your problem...sounds like the botox might have been injected in muscles other than the masseter and the problem most likely is due to the lack of muscle movement in these other muscles rather than the decrease in size of the masseter...the good news is that the muscle movement will return much sooner than the volume of the masseter...while the masseter may stay small for a year, the lack of muscle activity causing your problem should begin to ease within several months...sorry for the problem...but might want to confirm with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon...

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Change in face after masseter muscle botox

Masseter muscle injection with botox needs to be done very carefully as there are other important muscle groups in the region which control your smile and facial symmetry.

I am sorry to hear that you have had an unfavourable result. I think the best thing to do would be to wait until it wears off (approximately four months) before trying to do anything to correct it which may make things worse at this point. The good news is that it will eventually wear off and things should go back to normal.

Best wishes,

-Dr. Asaria

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