What does a tummy tuck with v incision mean and what would it look like?

I saw a PS regarding a full tummy tuck.I have what he considered a very low c-section scar. He said it might be necessary to add a "v" incision. He said because my skin might be pulled to much upon suturing causing my Incision to not heal properly. He mentioned he wouldn't know if he would have to do it until the day of surgery. Can someone please paint a clear picture of what he was talking about. Is it one long v shaped incision or is it another v incision on top of a traditional incision

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Tummy Tuck with Vertical Incision


It could be that they are referring to a small, vertical incision which would be placed at the midline, if tissue is not sufficient to close well without it.

I recommend that you ask for clarity. Scar treatments are available which can minimize the appearance of scarring afterward so, while it would never disappear, a small, light vertical scar can be a worthwhile trade off.

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V incision

Hello and thank you for your question. I think the best idea in this situation is to make another appointment with the plastic surgeon and ask them to describe/explain this to you again. If they have pictures of other patients that might have had to get this"V" incision then even better because a picture will give you the best idea of what they are talking about. There is no way for me to know exactly what he was talking about but the only thing I can think of is maybe he was describing the fact that you would have an incision that goes up and down. If this has to be done it typically occurs in those that have a high belly button or if the scar needs to be placed low. So, patients who have this type of surgery will have an incision from hip to hip in a horizontal direction and another incision in a vertical direction under the belly button. Please make sure you are being evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon!

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V incision for a tummy tuck

I've never heard of a v incision. If he/she didn't show you a picture of what that means, I would be wary.  I would consider getting a second opinion with a ABPS BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon.  

Hope that helps and best wishes!

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What does a tummy tuck with v incision mean and what would it look like?

I am not sure what this V incision is. Definitely ask your PS for further explanation or maybe a photo of a different patient who had had this done. I also recommend getting a 2nd opinion just to make sure you in fact need this done. 

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`Additional Scar With Tummy Tuck

I have not heard of a V-shaped scar as a part of tummy tuck, but you should certainly have your surgeon draw a picture of what this scar would look like on you. Sometimes the belly button will not stretch low enough to reach the lowest part of the abdominal incision (especially since I like to keep those scars low) and a one inch vertical incision is therefore needed. 

Again, the best person to clarify this for you is your surgeon.

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What does a tummy tuck with v incision mean and what would it look like?

 For the most accurate information, best to clarify with your selected plastic surgeon.

Sometimes, especially for patients with a relatively short torso, a low C section scar and/or minimal redundant abdominal wall skin, a short vertical scar is necessary (in addition to the usual transverse tummy tuck scar). This vertical scar results from closure of the previous umbilical opening and prevents excessive tension upon closer in the midline of the tummy tuck incision line. If this vertical incision is not used, patients may end up with wound healing problems and much wider scars. Sometimes these vertical scars can be revised/ removed ( usually one year or more after the tummy tuck surgery).   I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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