After Breast Reduction, how long to be off? As a hairstylist no work equals no pay.

I'm extremely nervous but I hear my PS Dr. Quigley is the best so that helps. Is it normal to freak out about being put to sleep, I've been put to sleep twice, but that was before I had my children. I would love a whole new makeover and maybe one day will get it but as a hair stylist we don't get paid when we are off

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Returning to work after breast reduction

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Thanks for your question! Most patients who receive a breast reduction are able to return to work after about a week *with restrictions*. As a hairstylist, you are using your arms a lot and on your feet almost the whole day, which can be tough on the body, especially after a surgical procedure. As others have mentioned, it is best to take off as much time as you can financially, and then ease yourself back into your normal work routine. Try to take a minimum of a week, then start with a few clients a day to parse yourself. You should feel pretty much back to normal after about 6-8 weeks. Be certain not to do any heavy lifting while you are recovering (10-15 lbs is the max).

Always be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, preferably who is in your area. Make sure they understand your profession and your physical demands. Good luck!

Resuming Work after Breast Reduction

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Dear cburns2004, 

We typically recommend that patients limit their arm movement and vigorous activity for 6 weeks after surgery. I would try to get as much time off as you can financially, and expect to be a little sore when returning to work. Perhaps start off with only a few clients per day to see what you can tolerate, and keeping your arms tucked in and using your forearms more than your upper arms/pec muscles will help limit stress on the wound. Hope this helps!

After Breast Reduction, how long to be off?

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Your anxiety regarding surgery occurs in the large majority of patients and is entirely normal. General anesthesia for a healthy person and administered by an experienced and board certified anesthesiologist is quite safe. Many patients can resume your profession after a week but when that is the case I ask them to work no more than four hours a day until they are 2 weeks postop. 

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