Can Fat necrosis developed 4 almost 5 months after a breast reduction.

About a week ago my husband noticed a lump on my left breast I just shrugged it off as fat necrosis because I had a breast reduction almost 5 months ago and went from a 34g to a 36dd.He again said he felt it and asked if I did so I checked and I did. Its about the size of a marble and is sore and tender to the touch.I never had any problems till now.I also started to develop raised bumps in different areas on both sides of my neck, they had just started about a month ago. Plus a cyst in my neck

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Breast mass

A breast mass should be evaluated in person by your doctor.  Best of luck and hope everything is ok...

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Fat necrosis occurs from the insult of breast reduction but maybe obscured by swelling for many weeks.

The vascular insult that led to fat necrosis probably occurred at the time of the operation. Acute swelling will camouflage the temporary damaged area. As a swelling subsides a lump may become apparent many weeks after the operation.

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Any mass on the breast needs to be checked regardless of it occuring after surgery.  It more than likely is just fat necrosis but it warrants at least some imaging to be sure.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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Fat Necrosis

Thank you for your question.  While it is unlikely that you have developed new fat necrosis, it is possible for it to become noticeable in a delayed fashion.  As the edema of the tissue resolves and the necrotic tissue hardens, it can become more evident.  Other causes of painful masses include breast cysts.  It should be evaluated by your doctor.  Given the timing, you are also problably due for a new postop baseline mammogram, so checking would be a good idea. Best wishes.

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Fat Necrosis

Thank you for your question.

While you are likely noticing fat necrosis of a cyst from the healing process after your surgery, any new lump in the breast should be evaluated by a doctor.  I recommend you contact your surgeon to discuss the issue.


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