Tenderness in cheeks 3 weeks after juvederm, is this normal?

I got juvederm imbecylem ybree weeks ago in my cheeks, i still have a mild deep tenderness in my left cheek, I saw my doctor two weeks after injection and he said it could've been a hematoma... But I never had bruising, what is happenning? Should I get it dissolved? How would I know if I was getting a low grade deep infection?

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Tenderness to cheeks 3 week post injections.

Cheeks tend to stay tender for a few weeks post injection, at 3 weeks not to worry since you have been assessed by your doctor. If the pain becomes worse or symptoms change contact our injector and be assessed again.


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Pain after juvederm injections

When I inject the midface area (cheeks included), the injections are typically deep, down to the periosteum (the covering of bone).  This area can remain quite tender for some time, so I would recommend taking some NSAIDS, such as Motrin or Aleve, some warm compresses, and the tenderness should resolve over the next few weeks.

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