Why Were My Porcelain Veneers White For Only The First Month?

i recently had 6 porcelain veneers on my top teeth and i asked for the whitest ones humanly possible as i really wanted the "made up" look. i also got them to make my teeth appear longer as you cant see much of my teeth when smiling. is there a limit to how long they can be? they only look milimeters longer than my old teeth. also they appeared really white for the first month and now they dont look WHITE unless i wear makeeup. is it just me getting used to them or...?

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There are lots of alarms going off here!

Here is a list of my concerns and warning signs:

  1. Any dentist that tells you that 6 veneers are all you need when changing color simply has no clue as to what cosmetics are all about
  2. Any dentist that recommends whitening your teeth before doing veneers does not have enough experience doing cosmetics.
  3. Color change in the early life of veneers could mean a dual cure cement was used to put the veneers on.  Another no no and dentists that do a lot of cosmetics know better.
  4. Unless you have what we call an anterior open bite ( no contact with your upper and lower front teeth) you cant just increase the length of upper anterior teeth.

Sorry to be blunt but after doing cosmetics for nearly 30 years I hate to see patients not at least given all the options open to them before doing their cosmetic work.  Here is a perfect example of why there is nothing wrong with getting a second opition before you start.

Veneers Can Change Color

Interesting that you feel your veneers appear to be a different color than when first completed.  Sometimes you are just getting used to them and they haven't really changed from the day they were done.

Sometimes the cement underneath can alter their appearance and your original color underneath can affect the overall color as well. Your teeth can rehydrate and the dark color underneath can reflect through. 

Length is determined by your bite-You need to have the length evaluated correctly.

Go back to your dentist and discuss your expectations and evaluate everything together.  Work as a team and talk-It can be easy to solve-Good luck-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
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Smile design with veneers

So to answer the question about tooth length I want you to stand in front of a mirror, lick your lips and gently open your mouth. This is the lip at rest photo we take and for an esthetic amount of tooth display you should see 3-4 mm of the incisal edge of your tooth. If you don't show that much then you could go longer, if you do show that much then adding any more length would lead you to look like a bunny. As for the color change, all ceramics will pick up stain depending on diet and acid content of the food you eat. How long has it been since you had them cleaned? The bad staining foods include red wine, tea, coffee, blue berries, beats, etc.. Acidic foods are sodas, citrus fruits, sport drinks, white wine, etc... i would also wonder about acidic from reflux. hope this helps!

6 porcelain veneers often not enough to satisfy

Amogst experienced cosmetic dentists, the magic number is 6.  This is the number that most often leads to disappointment, as the goal of the patient is usually NOT achieved.  When changing color, the teeth that show is the number that should be veneered, and the average smile shows 8-10, sometimes 12-14.
This is a common issue if the technique included bleaching the teeth before veneering and if the veneers are very thin.  Thin veneers allow the underlying tooth to "shine through".  All bleaching methods are temporary and teeth will rebound color over time.  Some people rebound quickly, some take longer.  If the teeth were bleached and then thin veneers were placed, they will appear darker as the underlying tooth rebounds.  Material selection (there are many brands of porcelain veneers out there) is key.
Or.... you are simply getting used to them. 

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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