Any Nyc Dentist Offer a Payment Plan for Veneers?

Hi, I am wondering if there are any dentist in the NYC area that offer an "in house" monthly payment payment plan/financing for those interested in veneers. I know many dentists offer third party financing such as care credit, chase health advantage etc. but I am pretty sure i wont be approved for that due to bad credit mistakes from my younger days.

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Dentist don't usually offer in house financing , that doesn't mean all hope is lost you can pre-pay for your treatment make automatic payments on your account by check,cash or credit card there are some companies that will consider your loan even if you have bad credit also try using a co-applicant that may also help. You can also apply for a loan through your Bank  or apply for a credit card that offer low rates.  Labs are very costly & once the treatment is completed the dentist has to pay for the services they provided. Hope this information was helpful.

Woodbury Dentist

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Hey BKTrini,

Unfortunately, dentists in general don’t offer in house financing for most treatments, especially veneers.  The reason is because the lab bill for dental veneers is very expensive.  Once the veneers are cemented it’s almost impossible to force the patient to continue paying for the work if they decide not to.

But you do have options even if you have bad credit, by using a third party company, such as CareCredit.  If you can get a co-signer you may get approved for the loan.  The loan is usually interest free, in general you have at least 2 years to pay it back.

There are other options besides veneers that you may choose to explore.  Snap-On Smile is less expensive and a temporary solution for those who may not be able to afford cosmetic treatment at the moment.  Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

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