TCA Peel to Permanently Remove Wrinkles?

I have very fine skin and have had crows feet since I was 18 years old!! I am 42 now and had Botox for the last approx 13 years, but obviously I've still loads of lines there from the years before I started of Botox.

If I have a TCA peel, will it actually permanently get rid of, or soften these lines? i.e., Will I get a clean slate or are all my old lines deep within the skin and so will resurface?

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TCA to Soften Wrinkles

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Nothing is permanent, but you will see definite improvement. A medium chemical peel, is a fast, effective way to “turn back the clock.” This chemical solution is applied to wrinkles and brings fresher, smoother, natural skin to the surface.

A TCA peel takes anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour. It works best on fine wrinkles; dynamic wrinkles are treated with other procedures.

The peel reveals the younger, deeper levels of skin. While the peel does cause some minor discomfort, it lasts only for a brief period of time, and is gone instantly once the water is applied.

For the next week or so, you probably won’t want to go to work, because the skin on your face will need some time to heal. During this time the layer of old skin will work its way off. Once it has sloughed away, your face will be radiant with smooth, clear skin.

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TCA may temporarily decrease your wrinkles, but laser is a better option

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Thank you for your question.

TCA peels may decrease the appearance for a short time, but they will return as TCA is not a permanent or semipermanent solution to wrinkle appearance. Repeated treatments over time will help with texture and slight wrinkles, but not the more moderate or deeper wrinkles.

A newer and better option for your is laser resurfacing. Doing an erbium or CO2 fractional resurfacing treatment should give you better and longer lasting results.

Good luck!

Don Mehrabi, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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