Are the Red Raw Spots Normal After 35% TCA Peel?

TCA peel - My skin didn't really resembled leather or turn brown; it was just flaky. Now I have a few red areas that look like raw skin. They are very pink. What can I do to help it heal and will it scar?

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Red areas after TCA peel

The red areas likely represent skin that absorbed the peel solution to a greater depth than the other areas. I would suggest that you discuss this matter with the individual who performed your chemical peel. To help prevent scarring, I would start applying a mid-potency cortisone cream to the red areas for 2 weeks only. At 2 weeks after the peel, I would start applying a small amount of tretinoin cream in the evening on top of a layer of bland moisturizer. At this point, you also should be moisturizing your face frequently throughout the day as well as performing dilute vinegar soaks twice daily. I suggest frequent follow-up during the healing phase of any resurfacing procedure to ensure things go smoothly.

Good luck.

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