Will TCA Peel Help These Lines?

Hi, I have these horisontinal lines in my forehead, that I would love to even out. The lines are a bit deeper than showen on the picture. I have been using 12,5 TCA peel - 4 to 5 layver - 2 times. My skin has peeled quite deep, but the result is absolutely minimal. I am now considering trying a 21% TCA peel. Can you tell me if you think that a TCA peel can do anything for lines like these? Smile R

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Will TCA Peel Help These Lines?

Based upon the posted photo, TCA might improve slightly but not significant enough for the costs. Be careful out there. 

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Chemical Peels

A combination of medical grade skincare and chemical peels can address your areas of concern.  Unfortunately, chemical peels are not a "one peel fits all" and will need to be customized for your needs.  In my office, all of the peels are customized to help my patients achieve the results they desire.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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These lines are not due to the action of the muscle underneath.

They RESPOND  to carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing.

You have the choice od ABELATIVE CO2 LASER, recovery is about 2 weeks, or FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER DONE MORE THAN ONCE AND RECOVERY IS ONE WEEK.

You may need to do the entire face or the entire forehead to avoid major contrast..

Co2 laser resurfacing wil improve clor, texture and quality of the skin. It requires expertise with the laser resurfacing.

Potential complications infection, bacterial or viral, scarring, redness pigmentation problems.

The skin needs to be prepared for weeks before the co2 laser.

Samir Shureih, MD
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TCA peels will not help these line very much if at all.

These lines will improve with Botox or Dysport, filler, laser resurfacing, eMatrix and some nonablative laser treatments.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Forehead Lines and TCA peels

One of the beautiful things about this forum is that, for free, you get the opinions of many experts in their fields.  Sometimes, these opinions may differ and then you, the patient, has to decide.  I absolutely disagree with the opinion of the other doctor who replied.  I do not believe tha there is any inherent advantage to the CO2 laser vs, well conceived and well performed chemical peel procedures (although if you are doing these yourself, that may not fit this criteria).  IMHO, if the wrinkles would respond to fractionated CO2 laser, then they certainly would respond to appropriate, and far less expensive, chemical peel procedures, like the ones that you are suggesting.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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