TCA 25% Peel With Uneven Frosting, How To Improve Results? (photo)

Did TCA 25% peel at home. Almost immediately chin and the skin between my eyebrows frosted (about 1 min or less) but nowhere else. I let it sit for a few more seconds and between the burning and worrying about the frosted areas, I rinsed off with water. My entire face peeled to varying degrees but I did not get the results I desired. Next time how should I go about so I can get more areas to frost? How long can the 'frost' remain on skin while waiting for other areas to frost? Thanks!

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TCA peel Self treatment beware

TCA peels work by denaturing proteins in the skin. The skin should optimally be prepared for the peel with a good skin care regimen for 6-12 weeks prior. In addition, the acid when applied will denature and injure the skin to varying degrees depending how much acid is placed. If not careful, the acid burn can lead to variablity in results and worse, scarring if too much acid is placed in one area. My recommendation is to have a professional perform the peel in the future

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TCA Peel - How To Get Results

If you want safe and optimal results from a TCA peel, I recommend you consult a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon, well-trained in chemical peeling.  I do not recommend self-peeling, especially with TCA as you risk developing permanent discoloration and scarring. It is also important to prep the skin with an appropriate skincare regimen for at least 6 weeks prior to the peel.  

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TCA Peel

For good results with TCA peels, the skin needs to be prepared for 3-6 weeks with medical grade skin care.

The Tca peel is not indicated by frosting only .

My advise have a proffessional plastic surgeon or dermatologist do the chemical peels

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