How Long After a Chemical Peel Can you Resume a Heavy Workout Routine with Heavy Sweating?

If you plan on a chemical peel,and your a very active person.How soon before and after a peel can you resume your heavy workout routine,and should you refrain from heavy sweating while your healing from a peel?

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Chemical Peels and Recovery time

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The length of time to recover from a chemical peel depends on the strength and type of peel you have done.  As a general rule, if you are no longer peeling or irritated from the peel it is safe for you to resume your workout routine.

Chemical Peel and Resuming Physical Activity

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It is very difficult to generalize about the recovery for a chemical peel as there are glycolic acid peels, triclorcetic acid (TCA) peels, phenol peels, lactic acid peel, jessner solution peels, etc. Chemical peels can be superficial, limited to the epidermis, or deeper in the dermis. The deeper the peel, the longer the recovery, the more significant the results. Peels can be performed in a medical office with no anesthesia or in a surgicenter with anesthesia.
If you have a superficial peel, you may be able to pursue physical activity in 3-5 days. If you have a deeper peel, you may need to wait 10-14 days. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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