Does this look normal for an open wound healing? (Photos)

At week two post op for my BR, the vertical incisions started opening. The PS prescribed Silvadene treatment twice a day and keeping the areas covered. Things look like they are improving slowly. My concern is the yellowish looking areas. Is this normal? The dark area on my right breast is not necrosis but what is left of the scab that had started to form prior to starting the Silvadene treatment. Also I'm having a slight stinging sensation at the bottom of the wound on the right side

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Is This Normal Wound Healing?

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Thank you for your question and photos. One thing you should know, is that every person and every incision heals differently. Your breast reduction #incisions can even heal differently on each of your breasts. To increase your chances of proper healing, you should be following ALL of your #post-operative instructions and continue with your current course of wound #treatment. The wounds appearing to be moving in the right direction. The pink tissue is good. This means that there is new tissue granulating. You may experience different sensation in the breast tissue as the #wounds heal and even afterward. This is normal. However, the things you should be concerned with are: sudden increase in swelling and pain, increased redness around the incision, an oral temperature greater than 100.4 and drainage that is think yellow or green in color or if it is foul smelling. If any of these occur, you need to contact your surgeon immediately.

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Needs more time

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The tension and the circulation led to skin necrosis.This will need some more weeks to heal.The yellow is OK, the red color is excellent healing tissue.
Black necrosis turns to yellow and then to red.Red is healing granulation tissue and heals faster when moist.
Silvadene turns from white to yellow after application.

Skin Necrosis After Breast Surgery

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Thank you for your question.  It appears that you have suffered from some skin loss along the vertical portion of your skin flaps.  Skin necrosis is a well known complication after breast reduction surgery.  The yellowish area is normal, it is exudate, which is just a normal part of healing.  The dark area appears to be an eschar (scab) which is an area of necrosis.   The goal is for the wound to all eventually turn pink like the areas in the periphery (granulation).  If healing is progressing, the pink areas will eventually scar in.  It is important that you see your plastic surgeon regularly to follow the progression of your wound.  Most of the time, the wounds can be managed non-operatively.  If the wound is infected, operative debridement may be needed.  After completely healing, scar revision may be necessary. 

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