Invisalign - I have been told I can change my tray every week.

So I am on Invisalign, and I just started my 6th Tray out of 26. I have been on a 2 week system, as normal. My orthodontist said my teeth are moving nicely and I can change my tray every 1 week. Nobody online seems to be on a 1 week system. Everywhere says 2 week, so I am unsure if I should change. What do you think?

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Every invisalign tray is designed differently

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Invisalign trays can be designed to produce different amount of tooth movements per tray and this can be adjusted by the orthodontist. Typically, the amount of tooth movements built into each tray requires two week wear time. If an orthodontist reduces the amount of tooth movement per tray, then it is possible to wear each tray for a shorter period of time. In addition, we are dealing with a biological system so everyone responds differently to the same treatment. Some people's teeth do move quicker than others. If you are concerned, you can wear the trays for 10 days instead and discuss with your orthodontist again next time. If your teeth are still moving as planned with 10 day wear, then you may be able to reduce the wear time even more (provided that the amount of tooth movement built into each tray is small).

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How long should #Invisalign trays be worn? #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
Your dentist may have observed that your teeth have been moving at a good pace and recommended that you change out your trays every week rather than every two weeks.  Many of my patients ask if they can change out their trays early and my answer is always the same. It is important to move your teeth at a consistent, gentle pace. Invisalign movements are carefully built in each aligner based on a certain number of hours of wear per aligner; that is 22 hours per day for 2 weeks. Your trays may begin to feel loose, but root movement may not have occurred as wanted even if the crown portion of your tooth has. When trays are changed out before two weeks, at some point in the middle of treatment the trays will not fit properly. I do not recommend switching trays before two weeks to ensure optimal results, and I would recommend speaking with your orthodontist about your concerns. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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