Is gum lift the same as a gingivictomy? Or gum contouring?

Truly I'm looking to get a laser gingivictomy but I don't dknow if they call it gum lift or gum contouring because when I try to search it up only a few doctors pop up I'm looking for ddoctors in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area for laser gingivictomy. No scalpel.

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Laser Gingivectomy

There is a limit to how much gum tissue can be removed with the laser. If there is too much bone close to the roots of the teeth then the gum tissue will eventually grow back. A comprehensive periodontal examination needs to be performed first to determine if there is excess bone. Most of the time local anesthesia needs to be administered to perform this procedure. Our patients often report minimal discomfort when a scalpel is used and when bone is removed. 

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Gum lift or laser gingivectomy


"Gum lift" is a procedure that recommended to treat people with a "gummy smile" where too much gum tissue is visible upon smiling.  This can only be done if teeth appear short, usually, from delayed eruption.  In many situations, a gum lift cannot be performed with only a soft-tissue laser.  The gum tissue will grow back in time because it the bone underneath the gum that determines where the gum line is located.  In order to achieve a long-term result, more often than not, surgery will be necessary to gain access to the bone and recontour it.  I have done many cases and have gotten great results with patients having very little discomfort afterwards and very short healing time.  Before embarking on this, please do more research and see very well trained general dentist or a periodontist to get an evaluation.  Also, do not forget to ask to see documented photos of similar cases the doctors have personally done.  Hope this helps.


Gum Lift

the amount of gum that needs to be removed determines how the procedure needs to be done.recontouring, gum lift and gingivectomy can all be used to achieve what you are looking for. Consult with a periodontist or cosmetic dentist to see your options. 

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