Gum recession on tongue side of teeth. Any method to fix?

For gum recession on back side of teeth, as in tongue side, are there any methods to fix, or does the tongue get in the way of gum surgery? If there is no method, are implants or dentures required in future when teeth root decay? Most gum surgery only show gum surgery for the front of teeth where it affects the smile.

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Gum Recession

I have experienced great success with grafting the tongue side gingiva with connective tissue obtained from the roof of your mouth. Although I rarely use this donor site, I have found it to be most predictable for the lingual aspect of the lower anterior gingiva. 

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Gum recession on the tongue side

gum recession on root of teerh facing the tongue could be fixed with same gum graft techniques that is used to fix the side facing the lips and cheeks 

It is more technique sensitive. Root  coverage results are not as predictable. But the tissue could be made thicker and attached to the roots to prevent further recession and bone loss 

You will need to see an experienced periodontist. 

Good luck 

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