Is BBL safe ?

I'm afraid my bbl surgery its November 9 but I'm extremely nervous, I want this so bad but after reading and hearing people have died I'm terrified, I'm scared of the general anethesisa and I'm afraid of the embolisms or blood cults or the doctor hitting a major Artery.. and the story I read was a board certified doctor with major experience in this field " accidentally" hit a women's artery during bbl and she died. I'm 20 and I dont have a bad medical history at all. and yes my doc is board c

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Is BBL safe ?

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Brazilian Buttock Lift is a safe procedure. There is extensive experience in fat transfer to the buttocks for many years and has proven to be safe when done by a Board Certified plastic Surgeon with Experience in BBL.

Risks are inherent with any minor and major surgical procedures.

Patients need to be cleared medically for a major surgical procedure under general anesthesia, 3-4 hours procedure.

The surgeon needs to be experienced Board certified Plastic Surgeon.

the facility must be accredited Facility.

The anesthesia provider needs to be Board Certified.

Patients need to have realistic expectations and of ideal body shape and weight for the procedure to be satisfied with the results.

Fat transferred may or may not take. some of the fat is absorbed by the body resulting in smaller than expected buttock size or different sizes.

May have lumpiness, fat cysts, fat necrosis, infection, bleeding bruises, massive swelling, pain, fat embolism, blood clots, injury to vital structures and not achieving the desired results.

Though the chances of complications are very small but they exist in any surgical procedure.

Ultimately you need to be comfortable with your surgeon, the facility and the anesthesia provider. If you accept the risks then proceed. If you can not accept the results, do not do the procedure.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


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Thank you for your question. It is certainly one that many people ask. Every type of surgery has associated risks and complications. I perform multiple Brazilian butt lifts every week, and the complication rates are very low. Overall, the procedure is safe and effective. Please do your research and go with a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience which you stated your chosen doctor is which is good. 

Hope this helps,

Dr. Newall 

German Newall, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Is BBL safe ?

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Yes, a BBL is generally a safe procedure. I recommend a board certified surgeon who performs a proper pre-surgical health and physical and EKG. This ensrue you are well and healthy prior to surgery.

Richard Zienowicz, MD
Providence Plastic Surgeon
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BBL Safety

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As with any surgery, there are some risks.  Cosmetic surgery is safe, but the complications you mention can happen very rarely.  With any surgery it is important to weigh the perceived benefits against the possible risks.  BBL can be more risky when the amount of liposuction is extreme, when precautions to prevent blood clot formation are not observed and when the patient is not healthy or has predisposing factors that increase the chance of deep vein thrombosis.  So it is good that have sought a board certified plastic surgeon to start with.  As long as the surgeon adheres to the safety guidelines and safe technique, you should be fine and really have a great outcome.

Kent V. Hasen, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon
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The brazilian butt lift is a totally safe procedure as long as the surgeon stays within the 5000 cc. liposuction limit parameter and fluid and urine output are monitored during the surgery

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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