How do you know if you have torn the internal stitches or pulled the muscle repair loose after a tummy tuck?

Had a tummy tuck 10 days ago. I decided to go to the store and over did it on the walking. I could feel a lot of pulling on my stomach and my back was killing me. Had burning sensation throughout my stomach. The next day my stomach wasn't sore and stiff and I don't feel as tight like it was before. I don't see any physical changes. Could I have pulled my muscle repair loose or tore my internal stitches?

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Muscle stitches?

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Serious walking is not likely to have hurt your central abdominal stitches. Pulling and burning sensations are pretty normal, but you should not be overdoing it at this point. Of course, you should discuss this episode with your plastic surgeon and have a careful examination. Only your surgeon can make the appropriate diagnosis. Best wishes, Dr. ALDO

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