I have had now 4 sessions with Picoway for a tattoo removal on my neck but I am seeing very little results. Is this normal?

It seems as if the last two sessions haven't had any effects at all on the tattoo and I am wondering if it is worth the pain? Will the tattoo ever come off?

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Time to removal

Every tattoo goes away at a different rate. As well, depending on where the tattoo is on your body can affect how quickly or slowly it goes away.  Tattoos on hands or fingers or feet or toes go away slower than those more centrally locate we have noted.  Depending on how much layering of the ink was performed changes the clearance time.  Each tattoo is different and each treatment and patient is different.  On average we say around 5 sessions for tattoo removal but this could be three or ten or more. 

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Tattoo Removal with Picoway


It is possible that clearance takes longer for some tattoos compared to others,  regardless of the laser used.  I do use a Picoway,  and clearance, while still  being faster than with a nanosecond laser,  is variable between tattoos. in such cases,  increasing the time interval between sessions or doing a fractional ablative laser on the same session with the pico laser, are options to consider. 

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