How Much Swelling is Likely to Still Be There at 14 Weeks Post Closed Septorhinoplasty?

Can swelling feel firm? There seems to be a very tiny hump on the left side of my nose after hump removal. If needed, would a very small tweaking revision rhinoplasty carry a lot of risks? (Bar anaesethic risks) My nose looks perfect from the front, I know its impossible to tell but on the whole how often do slight humps eventually dissapear? My surgeon is reputable UK surgeon who said he had removed the hump completely after the operation. Thank you in advance for your replies

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Swelling Post Rhinoplasty is common


Fourteen weeks post operative rhinoplasty you will still be expected to have some residual swelling. The swelling dissipates slowly with the majority over the first three to six months and the last 30% may take a full year. Give this sometime,  see your surgeon for frequent post operative visits and discuss where you are in the recovery phase. This will allow you to have your concerns answered and some peace of mind. Thanks for your inquiry and best regards! Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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How Much Swelling is Likely to Still Be There at 14 Weeks Post Closed Septorhinoplasty?

"Surgical" swelling can last 6 months to a year. Most likely though, a bump that still exists at this point will either resolve in the next 3 months or may need a tiny revision. Clearly it is impossible for me to know without examining you but if you did need a revision it is very safe, and likely would not require anything major. You sound like you are happy overall so if this persists for another 3 months then maybe you should discuss how to proceed with your original surgeon. Sounds like he did a great job. Hold on to that!

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Swelling after septorhinoplasty

Swelling after septorhinoplasty can last for a year or more.  It really depn ds upon the work that was performed.

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