Rhinoplasty Operation. Can You Wear Underwear and Socks During the Procedure?

I am having an open septo-rhinoplasty procedure on Monday and am very nervous so have been researching everything possible on the internet about it (which probably isn't wise!). I have come accross quite a few people claiming that during surgery your hospital gown and underwear is removed, which I found quite shocking! I wanted to know, first of all, whether this was true and if so why, and secondly, if it is not true, is underwear and socks allowing during the procedure?

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What you Wear during Rhinoplasty Surgery


I personally do all of my surgery in my private accredited operating facility. On the morning of surgery we have the patient put on a surgical gown, underwear and socks. When the patient is placed on the table we cover you completely with a sheet and then a warming blanket. After the patient is covered we will remove the corners of your gown in order to apply the EKG electrodes for monitoring and to start your IV and place on your blood pressure cuff. The patients underwear are never removed and the patient is then covered with surgical drapes over the blankets. Your socks remain on however we do use SCD's or pads under the feet to provide further comfort and not have any pressure point issues after your procedure. When you wake up you are transferred into the recovery room fully covered by blankets and your gown. We request all patients to bring an open in the front shirt either button up or zip so the nurse may dress you without placing anything over the head. 

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