Swelling After Lower Transconjunctival Bleph & Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am 16 days post op and have had no complications. The first 7 days my I could see daily improvement now I feel like i'm at a stand still. I am still reddish/brown around my eyes....I can cover w/ makeup. And I have swelling that looks like eye bags in a different place. My lsft eye is worse than right eye. I feel like I traded one problem for another. How long til the swelling is down and I can see full results? I expected to be futher along by now.

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Eyelid surgery and laser peel

Swelling aorudn the eyes may take a few months to subside especially after a laser peel.  Give it more time.

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Swelling after Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty)

The area around the eyes have a tendency to retain swelling longer. The swelling tends to become worse in the morning and decreases during the course of the day. This will get better and your result will be very evident. 

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Swelling after Bleph & CO2 Laser

Swelling and redness after CO2 to the lower lids is normal at two weeks.  CO2 laser recovery is definitely longer than with an erbium laser.  It seems like your preoperative counseling was not in alignment with your expectations. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon. All the best.

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Swelling After Lower Transconjunctival Bleph & Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing?


 I would agree that it is not unusual to have discoloration and swelling for 2 weeks after surgery .The " bags" can also occur in the area just below the orbital rim on the lateral ( outside ) part of the cheek bone. Of course, a more complete answer coud be given if photos were available . As long as there are no signs of infection ( pussy drainage), or ectropion ( pulling down of the lower eyelid) this is all  to be expected.I also agree that it is not unusual to have more swelling on one side versus the other.

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Recovery after lower blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing

It can take several weeks and sometimes months for all of the swelling to resolve after lower blepharoplasty.  In addition, it can take several weeks and sometimes a few months for any discoloration to resolve after laser resurfacing.  It is also not unusual for one side to heal faster than the other.  With more time, both issues should improve, but I would make sure to discuss these problems with your doctor so that your progress can be evaluated.

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