Can Adderall Lead to Anesthesia Awareness?

i have had surgery twice before and never took adderral. i am having breast revision surgery with implant exchange on 11/18 and previous surgeries were breast augmentation and rhinoplasty

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Anesthesia Awareness?

Despite much fear generated by big-screen movies,  anesthesia awareness is extremely unusual (no matter what medications you use). Make sure you are working with will experience board-certified plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist.

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Medications and anesthesia

This is a great question for your anesthesiologist, but I've never heard of this interaction before.

Anesthesia and adderall

Anesthesiologist do their best to make patients comfortable during surgery. Your medication is taken into account.

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Anesthesia awareness and Adderall

I am not aware of any reaction or concerns about Adderal and anesthesia awareness. This is predominantly related to the depth of anesthesia and not necessarily to other therapeutic co-administered medications.

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Adderall Does NOT Lead To Anesthesia Awareness

Anesthesia Awareness is a dreaded entity where people FEEL the operation but cannot communicate it to the surgeon or anesthetist. This is EXTREMELY rare and when it happens is seen in cases where lighter anesthesia is used for fear of dropping the patient's blood pressure and pulse (severe injuries with bleeding etc) and being unable to resuscitate the patient. Several companies producing devices which SUPPOSEDLY can detect this condition are using public fear to try and make it look as if this is commonplace in order to sell their (expensive) devices. The medication you take, adderall, will NOT lower your blood pressure. The operation you are having is not associated with massive blood losses. You really should not be worried about it. Dr. Peter Aldea

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Adderall Lead to Anesthesia Awareness

After a goggle research I find no relationship but this can be discussed in detail with the anesthesia personel prior to your operation. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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