What's My Best Option For Multiple Lipoma Removal? I Have Hundreds.

I've got a hundred lipomas from my thighs to my arms, LG & S. There are so many that I think they are causing fatigue in my legs and causing some blood vessel restriction on my thighs. I'm considering going to Mexico or Canada to get cheaper rates for lipoma removal because I have so many. Is getting a student surgeon also a possible alternative? I'm pretty desperate and if any doctors out there can offer their candid advice I'd be forever grateful. -Ken, hopeful in Watsonville, CA

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Multiple lipomas

First your condition of multiple lipomas is not unusual. You need to make sure you do not have colon polyps, associated with multiple lipomas (Gardner syndrome)

Removing these lipomas is done surgical and will leave a scar where the lipoma is removed. I am sure you will find a plastic surgeon here in the US to work with you and remove a bunch at a time at reasonable price, to cover his/her fees and the surgical tray and sutures. If you want to remove a hundred at a time that takes a lot of local anesthesia and few hours of surgery. Remember you WILL have a SCAR .

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Multiple lipomas

Usually multiple lipomas are best addressed in the operating room where a patient can be sedated or under a general anesthetic.  How many are excised at any one time may depend on several things, but I would advise starting with only the ones that are most problematic.  If that number is literally in the hundreds, you may need more than one procedure scheduled or more than one practitioner working at a time.  If you are near a University, or a facility with residents, that might be an optioin.  I would encourage you to be fully evaluated, though, as sometimes trying to pinch pennies may result in a serious oversight.

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Multiple Lipoma Options

You most likely have the diagnosis of familial lipomatosis (other family members will have the same problem). Lipomatosis is believed to be a dominant trait in which multiple lipomas are present. Most are discrete, encapsulated lipomas on the trunk and extremities
Although this condition is benign, many patients concerned with cosmesis seek removal of individual tumors. Treatment can include simple excision, endoscopic removal, or liposuction if large. Liposuction, whether laser Liposuction or traditional will leave some of the lipoma cells behind which over time will probably recur though it may take years.
Find the most qualified plastic surgeon to take care of this problem.

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Multiple lipomasi

I have a group of patients who present with lipomatosis. My approach is to excise the most painful and largest masses first and then to begin removal of the smaller lesions. These patients return every 3-6 months to tackle the next round. I am sure that you will be able to find a plastic surgeon who will work with you and establish a longterm relationship. Medical tourism across either our northern or southern border carries its own costs. Although multiple lipomas can be removed under anesthesia in an outpatient setting, I perform them in my office surgery suite under local with oral sedation so that the patient need not incur additional expense.

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Multiple lipomas

First get a real med\surg. work-up and evaluation to make sure there are no other associated problems or conditions beyond simple skin lipomas. They can also form internally and cause systemic problems. Surgically I would address those first that are disfiguring and\or painful. The method is either straight surgical excision or suction lipectomy depending on the presentation. Who you use and where you go has to be done by referral and research between you and your primary doctor.

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