18 Year Old Guy with Sunken Cheeks?

Hello, I am an 18 years old guy. I have sunken cheeks that also have caused my face to lose its symmetry. Also, the hallow cheeks have impacted my age, it makes me look older and desperate; in addition, it gives people an impression of lack of nutrition and health. Any suggestions for how to increase its fats or even maintain its volume. I would like to avoid surgeries because I am too young for it.

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18 Year Old Guy with Sunken Cheeks?

It's best to send photos of your face from the front and 3/4 angle without smiling.  Let's see if you really need anyhing before getting too far into possible treatments and procedures that you may or may not need.

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18 year old with sunken cheeks

Pictures would be helpful in order to give you the best advice, but in general, there are some non-surgical methods to help with sunken cheeks.  There are a variety of injectable fillers that could be used to help fill out the cheeks more and improve the appearance.  Sometimes just gaining weight can help as well.  If you wanted to get more information on the facial fillers, you should consult with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist that is experienced with using injectable fillers.  

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