What is success rate for Breast Implant Revision after Capsular Contracture? How long do you have to wait to have surgery?

I'm 48 had augmentation in October of 2013. 421 unders. Right was very soft and I thought bottomed out some. Then over night became rock hard and painful. Can't live like this. Would like to get all the imformation I can. Before I have surgery again.

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Capsular Contracture Treatment

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It is important that you have a capsulectomy and either place a new implant or the old one.  In cases where there is a recurrent capsular contracture I would use strattice but I seldom use it the first time around. With total capsulectomy and a new implant the recurrence should be about 6%.

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Breast contracture

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Thank you for the question.

This can happen to any breast augmentation patient and it can happen again after a breast implant revision. You can have your breast implant replacement as soon as your Hemoglobin level is up to a safe one again, normally it's a level 12.

Dr. Campos

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Capsular contracture surgery

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If you do have a cc, then you will probably need surgery. This would involve replacing the implant and removing the scar capsule (capsulectomy.) The best results in terms of preventing recurrence are wth Strattice.

Richard Baxter, MD
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