How do I know if redness from Madonna Eye Lift is just temporary or a permanent scar? (photos)

Had Madonna Eye Lift 5 weeks ago & the redness around the treated area is still very noticeable and difficult to disguise with make up. Also puffiness & addt'l wrinkles are present. In other words, I look worst than before the procedure. Should I wait longer for it to disappears or is this scarring and if so, how can I correct it?

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Complications from the "Madonna Eye Lift"

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The Madonna Eye Lift is simply a name given by 1 physician to an ablative fractional resurfacing procedure that has been performed for many years.  The laser used, the size of the area treated, the relative aggressiveness of treatment, and a host of other factors can vary from patient to patient according to their needs and surgeon judgment.  If you feel that you are having problems after your laser resurfacing treatment you should discuss these with the physician who performed your procedure. 

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Redness post madonna

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This can happen with fair skinned people.The fairer the skin the longer the redness takes to fade.Always check back with your doctor.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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