Will eyelashes grow back if they get waxed off? (photo)

The end portion of my eyelashes on my left eye got ripped out after some wax dripped on them while i was waxing my eyebrows. I tried to remove the wax off my lashes with facial lotion but that did not work, last resort was to just rip the wax off which took a chunk of my eyelashes with it. Will my eyelashes grow back?

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Eyelash waxing

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If it is a one time occurrence, they they should grow back in 3-4 months time.  If they are being waxed off chronically, the likely scarring the results from that will reduce the regrowth rate of your lashes.

Waxing off eyelashes

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waxing off eyelashes will cause permanent loss of the hair. This might be treated with Latisse as this is a good medications know to grow eyelash hair

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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